Founded in 2018 by Meenakshi Ramesh, glidetrip is an Indian origin online travel industry based in Chennai, India. Taking the first step in planning your trip—whether that's buying a flight ticket or figuring out where you're planning to go—is always the hardest but GlideTrip does it with ease. With untiring determination,GlideTrip provides wide range of choice of flights, hotels,bus and holiday packages for travellers. We are bestowed to ensure a superior user experience on our platform.

The word ‘Glide’ carries connotations of ‘move in a smooth and easy way’, which represents convenient, transparent and quick service fulfilment using technology to make hassle free travel for everyone.

GlideTrip has been providing first-class travel planning services and advice since 2018. We are experienced travel agent and an expert at finding low rates and helping clients secure the best travel deals according to their specific preferences. Dreaming of a getaway? We’ll be happy to make the arrangements for you. Just get in touch!

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